These unique, multi-purpose and dwelling structures manufactured by Advanced Building Technologies opens the door to entirely new possibilities for the creation of high-value applications and uses in a variety of industry sectors.


  • Emergency Disaster Shelters
  • Construction Site Offices
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Workshops (farm, tack rooms)
  • Art/Music Studios
  • Child Care Centers
  • Press rooms for Event Coverage
  • VIP Lounges for Special Events
  • Extreme Weather/Storm Shelters
  • Medical/Veterinary Clinics
  • Remote Security Outposts
  • Ecological Campsites
  • Border Patrol Operation Centers/Housing
  • Communication Centers
  • Worship Centers
  • Triage Clinics
  • Temporary Classrooms
  • Military Canteens
  • Cafeterias
  • Refugee Camps
  • Low-risk Prisoner Housing
  • Worker Housing (gas, oil, railroad, mining)
  • Military/Police Command Centers
  • Secure Storage (food, documents)
  • Archeology Campsites
  • Temporary Dormitories
  • Game/Exercise Rooms
  • Wine Tasting Room
  • Retail/Office Suites
  • Warehouses


Fast & Flexible
Delivery and Set-up

Our structures are ideal for disaster recovery operations that require rapid deployment of buildings to facilitate temporary emergency operations such as medical clinics, triage, surgical, lab, outpatient services, and more.

Structures can be used as semi-permanent alternatives to conventional construction.  Structures are easily dismantled and relocated for any future disaster recovery needs – anywhere no matter how harsh or remote the environment.

  • Structures are easy to transport on flatbed semi or container trailer.
  • Due to lightweight construction can be delivered by helicopter.
  • Fast delivery and easy to unload.
  • Connect to water, waste and electric in a few short minutes.
  • Less than a few hours to prepare for immediate occupancy.
  • Can be moved and reinstalled anywhere.

There are an unlimited number of other possible uses for our structures, and whatever your need might be, we can design and build it to your specifications.


At Advanced Building Technologies, LLC., your security is our priority.

Protection Anytime, Anywhere

Our structures provide the security and sustainability in any location where police, emergency responders, government or military agencies need to erect temporary shelters.  Rapid deployment and assembly of custom units and configurations will accommodate command centers, communication facilities, recreation rooms, kitchens and dining facilities, storage rooms, and guard shacks. 

Remote Area Solutions

The US border is a barely discernible line in uninhabited deserts, canyons, or mountains. Our structures are uniquely equipped to maintain safety and critical operational security of a Forward Operating Base along even the most remote areas of the US border.

Adaptable, Functional, Portable

Military units move fast and need to be able to set up operations anywhere in the world.  Meeting these challenging demands requires adaptability, functionality, and portability.  Our structures are the premier choice for relocatable military structures and hangars.

Our structures are easily assembled, disassembled, moved on a flatbed trailer, by ocean container, or in strategic transport aircraft, and reassembled quickly in a new location.  Our structures can be lifted and moved by cranes, enabling precise positioning of relocatable military structures and hangars wherever operations are established.

Relocatable military structures can be configured to any size with a variety of customizable operations making them flexible enough for any application from equipment storage or repair buildings to interim or semi-permanent barracks.

Several security options for protecting expensive equipment, artillery, and machinery are available.  Structures can be configured to accommodate oversized door openings allowing for easy maneuverability of aircraft, helicopters, and transport equipment.


Unlimited Options & Configurations

Advanced Building Technologies’ structures are designed for optimal strength, portability and rapid on-site installation. We don’t just make structures for all kinds of weather, we make solutions for every customer need. No matter the application or the industry, we have the solution.
Rugged and durable, our structures are perfectly suited for disaster relief, emergency housing, and harsh conditions. With recommended anchoring, they can withstand natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. Without anchoring, our units can resist winds up to 100 mph; and with anchoring, they can resist winds up to 185 mph.
Fully customizable, there is no limit to the options and configurations available. CerarMix structures may be designed to include retrofitting for windows, entrance doors, plumbing, HVAC, 110/220v electrical wiring, telephone and internet connection, premium insulated finished walls, ceiling and floors. Other amenities such as a kitchen, a bathroom with shower, a bedroom, solar-powered electricity, etc. and custom interior and exterior features are also available.
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