We want to ensure we give all of our customers the best service all of the time. This aims to provide you, the customer, with a clear and detailed list of our service advantages.

⮞ Technical Consultant

Detailed attention to our client’s needs is the hallmark of our highly personalized service. Our philosophy of highly personalized attention is supported by our excellent staff of engineers, designers, project managers and associates whose combined talents give our company the necessary expertise in every facet of structural consulting service.

For customers who prefer to use their own employees or local labor to perform onsite installation, we offer the assistance of a Technical Consultant, inclusive of specialty tools, to oversee the entire installation process. Our consultants are experts in erecting structures and can quickly train customer work crews, maximizing their production. With this service, the customer will be responsible for the supply of all required equipment and materials pertaining to site preparation including ground leveling.

⮞ Turnkey Installations

Hassle Free from Start to Finish

A turnkey installation is the complete delivery, construction, installation, removal and/or erection of a temporary structure for a fixed price. Turnkey installations include scheduling, deliver, installation, removal and relocation.

This service ensures our customers a hassle-free way to install, remove or relocate a structure. Our Project Managers organize equipment, manpower, transportation, and conduct site evaluation and preparations, and can design an installation schedule to meet the needs of any project. We contract only qualified, professional equipment companies and labor resources in connection with turnkey installations. AND with our Technical Consultant available throughout the entire process, we provide our customers the highest quality, on-time construction installation possible.

⮞ Project Management

Attention to Detail

Our project management services promote efficiency and enhanced communications. It also allows for added attention to detail and consistency of purpose enabling us to quickly and efficiently respond to our clients’ needs with enthusiasm.

Where installation is to be coordinated with outside contractors, we consider effective project management an essential part of addressing our customer’s needs. We offer project management services as an add-on service to our clients. This includes:

  • Pre-contract site surveys, structure layout, and design.
  • Integrated pitched roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, solar, septic and other upgrade packages.
  • Coordination with a general contractor and structure permitting.

⮞ Structure Engineering

Structurally Sound for Use Anywhere in the World

Every convertible, transportable structure features a fully engineered frame system built to the highest standards possible. We offer our clients full engineering services for permit application, customization and unique applications.

Each structure comes complete with engineered specifications for permit submittal. Customizing your structure is easy and no project is too difficult. We pride ourselves on having the most structurally sound and all-inclusive transportable buildings available today and a true all-weather enclosure suitable for challenges in any environment – anywhere is the world.

⮞ Installation

Temporary or Permanent

Each structure is designed for simple and rapid installation by a minimal crew. The set-up of a basic structure requires no heave equipment. The easy installation of a structure allows customers to quickly deploy these structures for temporary or permanent applications.

Our structures can be considered “permanent” construction in every way. The difference between structures deemed “permanent” or “temporary” lies in the installation. Permanent placement of a structure may be accomplished by fastening the structure to a permanent foundation, a concrete slab, a poured-perimeter or a poured pier-and-beam foundation. A temporary installation of a structure requires little more than leveling the ground beneath it.

In cases where full installation and erection is required we utilize a network of experienced installers who specialize in our transportable structures. Our network of installers enable us to construct several projects at the same time or fast track a large project all at once.

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