Unlimited Sizes. Unlimited Applications.

Customers often have varying sizes and square footage requirements for the desired structures. We can easily meet these product requirements.

Utilizing “post and beam” construction, structures are wide open. Internal walls may be added to shape and define the interior space. Walls are moveable. Interior wall thickness can be any thickness as they are not structural or load bearing. The structure’s pillars are designed to be integrated into the inner wall design to hide them from view.

Available in custom select sizes, structures can be built up to virtually any dimension, height, width and length. Roof designs are determined by the overall size of the structure and engineered accordingly.

Versatile & Affordable

Structures are an excellent choice for customers who appreciate value and superior quality. Structures are built for dwelling and multi-purpose usages. They are available in standard 20’ x 20’ and 20’ x 40’ sizes with a 99+ year life expectancy. Our structures can be transported via standard cargo container ships, cargo planes, helicopters, trucks or rail.

Requiring no foundations and no structural assembly, these versatile structures are ideal for shelters, triage facilities, medical and veterinary clinics, temporary or permanent housing, portable offices, studios, mining camps, construction housing, field offices, worker housing, portable emergency clinics, storm shelters, military/police command centers, and more.

With the standard options for electrical, plumbing and HVAC, our structures are over-engineered to outperform all of the competition and at affordable prices

Your Project, Your Way

There are endless possibilities with our structures. We provide a truly flexible building system. This flexibility allows for the selection of the specifics for almost any custom designed structure. If there is concern over the exact nature and needs of the project, our team of professionals will help with the design so that all of the needs of the project will be met.

One of our Technical Consultants will be glad to help with the specific purpose, size, design and budgetary requirements for the project, and help with the selection of the structure’s layout and design that will serve the needs of the project. Our professionals are equally comfortable handling a project end to end, from site selection to utility tie-in, or working with other contractors as part of a project team.

We can provide a very detailed estimate for a desired project. The estimate will include everything from site prep, installation and the complete interior finish if desired. Our clients have found this very useful in establishing project budgets and getting a better understanding of overall construction costs.
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