Build Your Structure Exactly as You Envision It

The fact that our structures are so easy to erect is one of the cornerstones of our growing worldwide appeal.  Our structures can be shipped anywhere in the world where they are assembled, installed and fully functional within a short period of time.

Our structures utilize a panelized building system.  This is a method of engineering, manufacturing and assembling a structure in a factory setting where it is then shipped to a project site and placed on level ground, or a temporary to permanent foundation so that it will function and perform with very predictable results.  When you choose Advanced Building Technologies for your project, we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by the exceptional value and versatility that your structure brings through panelized building.

Our primary focus is to produce and deliver the basic structure.  We can offer standard upgrades such as plumbing, solar, electrical, HVAC, septic system, toilet, bathroom sink, shower, kitchen sink and cabinetry.  Our network of production licensees will handle the upgrades and cosmetic enhancements such as flooring, counter tops, paint, wall textures, etc.


Interior Finishing Options

Interior finishes can be virtually any choice available to traditional construction

  • Wall Textures
    - Smooth, orange peel, knock down trowel, paneling, wainscot
  • Lighting
    - Fluorescent surface mount or recessed, track, incandescent, quartz, ow sodium mercury, motion and delay.
  • Kitchen Fixtures
    - Cabinetry, appliances, sink, and ventilation.
  • Bath Fixtures
    - Cabinetry, sinks, tubs, shower enclosures, ventilation, etc.
  • Flooring
    - Tile, carpet, linoleum, wood, laminated wood, ceramic, light weight concrete, rubber and more.
  • Counter Tops
    - Stone, concrete, tile, or laminate.
  • Color Chart
    - Custom colors can be selected for orders of more than 10 structures. 


Exterior Finishing Options

Exterior Cladding: exterior finishes can be virtually any choice available to traditional construction. Finishes include: aluminum, wood siding, cement panel, stone aggregate, brick veneer, stone veneer, vinyl siding (vertical or horizontal), cedar, limestone, pre-case, stucco, slate, and glass or concrete block.

Storm Panels:  High winds and windborne debris can easily break unprotected windows and cause doors to fail.  The most reliable method of protecting windows and doors is to install storm panels.  Our storm panels are comprised of the same materials as the structure and are attached to the structure in such a way that they can be closed quickly before a storm arrives.  These storm panels are engineered to fit each structure’s window and door dimensions.

Anchoring:  Our structures are engineered to withstand winds of 185 mph.  To secure your structure against shifting during severe windstorms, and to add structural strength, we offer a system of ground anchors.  These anchors take only minutes to install and they adjust in seconds to the exact height of the structure.  The anchors are built to meet the requirements of local conditions and need only minimal maintenance.


Customize Your Details

Customize Your Details

Millwork: interior and exterior walls of our structures accommodate standard millwork from the manufacturers of windows, doors, skylights, and other after-market enhancements.

Windows: our structures accommodate aluminum, vinyl, wood, or steel windows. Windows may be vertical slide or double hung, horizontal slide, awning, crank-out, fixed or glass block. Window glass can be single pane or double insulated.

Doors: the doors for your structure can be virtually any choice available for traditional construction. Door types can include insulated hollow metal, aluminum glass storefront, solid core wood, vinyl clad, aluminum, French, and hollow core wood.

Trim: from baseboards to casings, from crown moldings to railings, trim is a design element that adds depth, detail and richness to your structure. When it comes to trim ideas, virtually any choice available to traditional construction can be used in our structures.


CerarMixTM is up for the challenge!

At the heart of each structure is CerarMix.  CerarMix offers superb water resistance.  It stands up to sunlight and high wind forces.  CerarMix resists damage by micro-organisms, insects, aquatic life, chemicals and hard use for years of maintenance-free service.  CerarMix also offers benchmark mold and mildew resistance.  CerarMix is readily tintable with conventional pigments or a variety of surface coatings and treatments.  CerarMix is engineered to outperform and outlasts competing composite materials and it is the perfect choice for our structures.

CerarMix provides superior protection from extreme heat, corrosives, ultraviolet radiation and possesses other unique qualities and is engineered to have the following characteristics:

  • Environmentally friendly material and non-hazardous.
  • Simple, fast and easy application process.
  • Can be tougher than steel.
  • Ease of coating on any surface, or structure to increase performance characteristics.
  • Water Proof (100% moisture proof, non-hydroscopic).
  • Chemical, Heat, Abrasion and Sound resistant.
  • Ultra-violet ray reflective and stable.
  • Reflects 98% of the radiant energy.
  • Does not rot or decay and provide food for mold growth.
  • Termite/vermin resistant.
  • Thermally stable.
  • Elasticity designed to match substrate.



Unlimited Choices

We can equip your structure, inside and out.  Ramps, steps, safety rails, decks, building services, security systems and even furniture and fixtures.  We are a single-source supplier and can assist you in creating the structure that best suit your project needs.

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